Ep 06 - L.A. Vs. Albuquerque / “Mad Mad: Fury Road” Tech-Survey

May 27, 2016

FAIL SCOUTS - Episode 06

- TALKING SHOP - "L.A. Vs. Albuquerque"

Special guest host is L.A. Location ManagerJared Kurt.  This episode was recorded after we finished filming the pilot of the AMC show "Preacher."  Jared talks to us about the differences of filming in L.A. vs. Albuquerque.

- TECH-SURVEY - "Mad Max - Fury Road"


Ep 04 - Pre-Scouts & File-Pulls / “Wild” Tech-Survey

March 29, 2015

FAIL SCOUTS - Episode 04

TALKING SHOP - "Pre-Scouts & File-Pulls"

Special guest host Cyndy McCrossen joins us in a discussion about pre-scouting.  When you get the responsibility to sell your State and entice a film production to come to town.  From the initial file-pulls of old outdated pictures, to what to talk about when your stuck in a car with a high profile producer for hour upon hour.

Better Call Saul UPDATE - More behind-the-scenes stories of the making of the hit series!


Cyndy tells hosts Alex, and Dennis all about her experiences at this year's Location Manager Guild Awards where she won for her work on the Coca-Cola "America Is Beautiful" commercial.

Review of the locations in the LMGA winning film "Wild."  Cyndy recalls meeting "Wild's" Location Manager, Nancy Haecker and tells us behind-the-scenes stories at the trials that took place during the production.


Ep 03 - Who Owns This? / “The Last Man On Earth” Tech-Survey

March 9, 2015

FAIL SCOUTS - Episode 03

TALKING SHOP - "Who Owns This?"

What do you do when you find the perfect location, but you have no idea who owns it?  Learn all the steps involved in location detective work; from looking up tax records, to stalking property owners.

Better Call Saul UPDATE - More behind-the-scenes stories of the making of the hit series!

LOCATIONS TECH-SURVEY The Last Man On Earth - Episode 101"Alive in Tucson," and episode 102 "The Elephant in the Room."

Hosts Alex, and Dennis analyze the locations in the premiere of the new series on Fox.  Location Manager Deborah J. Page shot the pilot in Chatsworth, California, even though it took place in Tucson, Arizona; much to the disappointment of the Tucson Film Office director.

Special congratulations to New Mexico's own Cyndy McCrossen, winner of a Location Manager Guild Award for her work on the Coca-Cola "America Is Beautiful" commercial!


Ep 02 - What is a Tech Scout? / “Better Call Saul” Tech-Survey

February 16, 2015

FAIL SCOUTS - Episode 02

TALKING SHOP - What is a Tech Scout?

Get a behind-the-scenes look of every Location Manager's favorite day... the dreaded tech scout.  How difficult is it to organize a weekly field trip for busy movie department heads?  It's nothing the Fail Scouts can't handle... (mostly).  Special guest this week is assistant location manager, Dionne Lotivio.

LOCATIONS TECH-SURVEY Better Call Saul, Episode 101 "Uno" and episode 102 "Mijo."

We give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the locations in the first two episodes of the new show Better Call Saul.  Hosts AlexDennis and Dionne tell you a first hand stories of what it was like to find and manage all the locations in Better Call Saul.  Learn all about the logistics in shooting at a real Cinnabon, as well as new iconic locations like the Los Altos skate park, HHM law firm building, and the many separate places that made up the courthouse.   Very special guest in this segment is assistant to show-runner Peter Gould, the legendary Joey Liew.

This episode is a must-listen for every Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fan!


Ep 01 - What is a Fail Scout? / “Nightcrawler” Tech-Survey

February 1, 2015
FAIL SCOUTS - Episode 01

TALKING SHOP - What is a Fail Scout?
Learn exactly what a fail scout is!  Alex and Dennis tell you first hand stories about working in production on Breaking Bad and Better Call Sauland what happens when you are set out to fail.  

Alex and Dennis review the locations in the movie Nightcrawler.  Nominated for the 2015 Location Manager Guild Awards, location managed by Curtis Collins an advocate for filming in LA.